Charlie Cox, more formally known as Phortysiks, is a producer and youtube tutorial guru hailing from Surrey, and studying in Swansea. As if a civil engineering degree wasn’t enough to be getting on with, Charlie makes production tutorial videos for the world wide web in a (very) successful attempt to share his knowledge and help point budding producers in the right direction. With almost a million channel views to his name and around 7500 subscribers, he’s definitely doing something right. Phortysiks has been producing since 2009, and he just keeps getting better and better. As a huge fan and purveyor of all things electronic, a quick glance at his soundcloud will show you he can turn his hand to pretty much any genre. In August of this year, his track Grey Skies was released as a part of our
Ionised EP, marking the debut release for this diverse artist who is proud to be a part of the Liquid Tones family.

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