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The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 10]

Once again, the boys are back laying down a barrage of frisky banter to the sound of Liquid Vibrations. This month’s episode features an insightful forage into the minds of Liquid duo, GLXY, as Tim interviews the guys whilst elsewhere we get to grips with brand new music from the recently released Momentary Echoes EP.

Maduk & Nympho – Africa
Nocuer – You Can’t Hold Me Down feat. Charli Brix (Liquid Tones)
Spyre – Discovery (Liquid Tones)
Dextramorphine – Trapped (Liquid Tones)
Michael E.T – Running wild (Liquid Tones)
Modest Intentions-Winter Beat (Liquid Tones)
N.R.G – I Need Your Lovin’ (Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD
NCT & Diego Torres – No One Home (Soulvent Records)

***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***
G Force – Proximity (

***GLXY interview***
GLXY – Pinnacle (Liquid Tones)
GLXY – It’s Whatever (Liquid Tones)

Furney – Spyro Gyro (Phuzion Digital)
Malaky & Velocity – Midnight (Fizzy Beats)
Entama – Primeval Forest (Aural Imbalance Sub Tropical Remix) (Cadence Recordings)
Dan Apeks & SirReal – Suspended In Time (Influenza)
Rowpieces & Pulsaar – Soap Bubbles On You (Fokuz Recordings)