This week we took a little time out to chat with Will Hine AKA Whiney about the future, Motorstorm and why skipping school pays off! He also dropped by with a tasty mix for us ahead of his Wasting Time EP which will be released on Liquid Tones on November 4th.

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So Will, tell us a little bit about yourself. How you got into D&B?

I’m Will Hine, 19 years of age and live in Coventry, UK. I’m currently in my first year at the University of Manchester studying for a Geography degree amongst finding time to produce and play out.
My first experience with Drum & Bass wasn’t an awe inspiring moment in which I was led into a club by a mate and shown the light, but was in fact simply when playing the game Motorstorm on the Playstation back in 2007. I heard the notorious tune ‘Slam’ by Pendulum and was immediately taken in by it as I’d genuinely never heard anything like it before – being very much into Rock and Indie in my early teens. I somehow managed to get my hands on every Pendulum tune the group had ever made and this led me more into the genre, delving deeper particularly into the early days of Fresh and Noisia. I become hooked and so immersed in the music that I inevitably found myself wanting to find out how to produce. This all happened when I was 12 and missed a year at school as I fell ill, but this however left me plenty of time to get to grips with Ableton.

Tell us about the mix!

The mix is really just an example of tunes that have inspired me in some kind of way recently and from a couple of years ago. I suppose this can be seen in the two of my own tracks which I included: ‘Wasting Time’ very much being a laid-back liquid number and ‘Falling in Love’ a lot dancefloor.

Where can we look out for you in the future?

Well, I’m not entirely sure how much I can say but I’ve got what looks like a very busy 6 months on the release front with, fingers crossed, 7 tunes coming out in that period – 2 of which will be coming out before Christmas. Of course you can expect to hear a lot more from myself and my buddy Keeno, but also looking to finish off collabs with young Belgian talent Phase and heavy-hitters Conduct.
As for gigs, I’m playing with Keeno alongside BCee and others in late November and might be playing in Belgium in Easter, otherwise other dates can be found on my Facebook page.

Who are your main influences at the moment?

Brian Eno and Harold Budd have always been big influences of mine along with composers Thomas Newman and Bill Brown. I pick up influences from pretty much anywhere though to be honest, even day to day life situations can get my mind working and developing a chord sequence in my head to be used later on when I sit down.

Top 5 current tracks?

Matrix & Futurebound – Control (ft. Max Marshall)
Camo & Krooked – Helios
Tycho – Awake
Chroma – If Only You Knew
Spectrasoul – Memento (dBridge Remix)


[Mix track listing]

Whiney – Falling In Love [Liquid Tones] — Mefjus – Signalz
Brookes Brothers – Tear You Down
— Hybris – Bug Thump
Dimension – Digital World
Kove – Night Thought
— Livewire Natural Selection
Delilah – Go (S.P.Y Remix)
— Frankee – Flintstone
Rollz – Plugged In
— Metrik vs Futurebound – Brave New World
Whiney – Wasting Time [Liquid Tones] Dimension – All I Need (Karma Remix)
— Quadrant, Kid Hops, Iris – Hovercraft
S.P.Y – By Your Side (Keeno & Whiney Remix)