The Liquid Tones Podcast [Episode 5]

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The guys are back with yet more beats & debauchery. This time round we hear up front vibrations from Indivision, Treex, Blade, Conspire & Keeno. Elsewhere on the show Simon reveals his love for D&B legend Calibre and the guys receive a telegram from the ever mysterious Artistocrats.

[Tracklist] Pharell – Happy [Rowpieces Bootleg] Indivision – You Are My Whole World feat. Thomas Oliver [Liquid Tones] Deep south – Rush [Chillax Trax] Treex – Solstice (Dub)
Logistics- Triangles [Hospital] MAV – Open your mind Paul SG Remix
Indivision – Sweet Surrender
Mav – Between Heaven & The Deep Blue Sea (Seba Remix)
Keeno – Break The Silence [Medschool]

***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***
Aquasky – Kuana – Moving Shadow

Molly Duncan & The Frontline – Kyoto (SoulStructure Remix)
Tim Cant – Initialize – [Influenza] Blade – Moomin Mysteries [Dub] Conspire – 9 to 5 – [Soul Deep] Blade – Winter Groove – [Liquid V] DJ Rap – Digable Bass (Aries & Stivs Remix) [Proper Talent] Lucida – Heliacal Flow [Dub]

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