The Liquid Tones Podcast with Tim Cant & ParaDigm

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Tune into the Liquid Tones Podcast as Tim Cant & ParaDigm continue to lay down an array of Liquid beats to an underlying theme of debauchery & bad jokes.  This month’s episode includes tracks from Thesis, Malaky, BrokenDrum & Anile amongst others. Elsewhere, Simon struggles to come to terms with Tim’s relationship with animals whilst the guys take time out to discuss the abnormal length of their CVs.


DJ Trax – 89 to Infinity (Tempo)
Cloud 9 – Got Me Burning Up (Madcap remix) (Phuzion)
System X – Say It (Turnz Bootleg)
Nookie – Celebrate Life (SoulStructure remix) (Phuzion)
Eveson feat. MC Singing Fats – Vignette (U Understand Me)
Tim Cant – This Must Be Luv (Salaryman remix) (Luv Disaster)
Lurch – What We Had (LDNB) BrokenDrum – Always Be (Soul Deep)
Submorphics – Burning Love (Lenzman remix) (Liquid V)
Mukiyare & Brain – 1993 (Soul Deep)
Thesis – Lemuria Rising (Soul Deep)
Rowpieces – When the Shadow Moved (Phuzion)
Digital – Bitter Wind (Rupture LDN)
Aural Imbalance – Voyage to Callisto (dub)

Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox: The Architex – Escape (Architecture)

Stray – Triangles (Free DL Exit Records)
ParaDigm and Sound Tactix- Ocean’s Apart (Liquid Tones)
Anile – View Catcher (Absys Records)
Lurch- Promises (LDNB)
NotioN- Pondered Soul (FC LDNB)
NotioN – Give The Time Some Time (LDNB)
Alston – Afterglow (Soulbros Dub)
Malaky – Slow motion (Liquid Tones Dub)
Deada – Summer Sundays (Liquid Tones)
Malaky – Slow Motion (Liquid Tones Dub)

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