The Liquid Tones Podcast with Tim Cant & ParaDigm [Episode 4]

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On this months episode the guys feature tracks from Boneman, Madface, Tokalosh, Malaky & Cosmology whilst the mysterious Aristocrats deliver the guys their latest tracks via a rather unusual method. Elsewhere on the podcast Tim impersonates a seal and Simon struggles to work out how old he was in 2009.


innaSelf – untitled (dub)
Cosmology & Magnafide – Dream Mode (Soul Deep)
Tim Cant – Memory Bliss (Influenza)
L-Side & Andrezz – Better Days (Liquid V)
Lucida – Mighty Vee (dub)
Tokalosh – Aurora (Influenza)
SoulStructure & Tim Cant – Electric Atmosphere (Influenza)
Conspire & Blade – True Pioneers (Soul Deep)
***Uncle Timmy’s Mystery Jukebox***
London Elektricity – Wishing Well (Danny Byrd remix) (Hospital)
Aristocrats – Champagne and Pleasure (Forthcoming on Soul Deep)
Malaky – No Time (Liquid Tones)
Madface- Later That Night (Forthcoming on Liquid Tones)
Aristocrats -Urban Banquet ( Forthcoming Soul Deep)
Keeno – Little Son VIP (Liquid Tones)
Bone Man – Survival (Liquid Tones) –
Soligen feat. Wednesday Amelia – Harmony (Forthcoming on Sonata Recordings)

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